Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Down Syndrome means....

Francine turns 4 in August. She is such a lovely little girl--I am betting the picture does not do her justice.

Imagine her smiling and playing. Imagine her reaching for you... calling you mommy. If she understands that she does not have a family, and what that means, and what a family could mean... that's her dream too. And if she does not understand, she needs a family no less.

Francine is "calm."

In our country, Down Syndrome means special education and services. She would receive many supports, and therapy. Some people might be biased against her... but she would have the opportunity to prove them wrong. Where Francine lives, Down Syndrome means a lifetime in a mental institution. No chance to show what she can do. Once she leaves her baby house, not even a chance at therapy or education.

She's a little girl who deserves a chance.

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