Thursday, June 14, 2012

friendly and curious

Look at sweet baby Catherine:

Catherine actually will turn 4 in November. I am betting her picture is way out of date... but Catherine is lucky. Someone cares about her.

Check out her description: Character: friendly, curious, willing to play with toys

Someone cares enough to give her more than a one-word description. Someone cares enough to notice her positive traits. If that description is still true, if that special worker is still around to invest a little bit of attention in Catherine's life... she will blossom in a family! And if that person isn't around, and she is now another little girl who lays in a crib... well, God will still bless you if you step out to adopt her. God will make a way. He cares about her; He cares about you. If she is your daughter, he will lead you to her and give you what you need to be Catherine's mommy or daddy.

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