Friday, May 4, 2012

One post for Dylan

In going through all the kids of "region 23," I find myself sometimes at a loss as what to say. It's easy with the kids who look more appealing, who have a smile or a story or even just a name that helps them stand out. I tend to see the cute kids, the kids whose names I like, or the kids whose story touches me. Sometimes the kids in bad condition. Sometimes a kid with a bad picture who grabs me. I don't think Dylan would have grabbed me, but what if this boy never grabs anyone? What if this is the only post anyone ever writes on Dylan--what if this is the only place his picture ever is apart from Reece's Rainbow? Dylan has potential. He is more than a picture, more than a diagnosis. He will turn 4 around when my daughter does, in May. He is sociable. I bet he'd have fun at her party. He likely hasn't been to a birthday party before.... Dylan is just one more little boy who needs a family. But he was created by God and is loved by him. And if someone brings him home... well, for them he won't be just a name and a word of description on a photolisting. He'll be their son.

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