Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beloved by God

Do you remember this line?

"She kept asking 'And Tania? And Tania?' She would sob when we would leave her with the groupa."

Tatiana won't be left behind much longer... she's going to have a family! She's on MFFM! Praise God!

Will it ever happen for Daniel--almost 4 years old, calm, likely has Down Syndrome.
Beloved by God. His son.

When God adopted me, my prognosis was pretty poor. I was already a sinner. Likely no matter what my Father did to help me, I'd be a sinner still. I wouldn't ever get better from it. But he decided that I was his daughter, and he didn't care that I wasn't perfect. He wasn't looking for a perfect child. He already is perfect... He wanted a child to love.

That's what Daniel deserves. Not a family who wants a perfect child, just a family with more love to share. Maybe that's your family.

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