Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summed up

Two years old.
Down Syndrome.

Some day each of us will be summed up with a name, an age, and a few quick words.
Dedicated Christ-follower. Loving mother. Devoted daughter. Creative engineer. Inspiring teacher. 1983-2067.

Dmitry didn't pick the words that are used to sum him up. They don't speak to his strengths.

But this little summation of Dmitry's life isn't to memorialize its ending--it gives him a chance, however slim, at a new beginning. Dmitry's life is just beginning, and you could be part of it. Some day, when his full life is summed up, there may be words like "son," "brother," and "Christian." And it's likely that no one will point out his difficulties in a quick phrase about his life.

If all we have is the dash, as they say--if all we have is that short time--how are we using it? Is God glorified? Because that is eternal.

If Dmitry is not adopted there may be no one to remember him. He may never have someone who loves him as he is.

Imagine if all anyone ever bothered to write about you was "tranquil"--a word that said more about your opportunities than your true personality.

But for Dmitry, in this picture and one-word description, there is hope. Can someone bring him home?

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