Monday, April 2, 2012

I believe there is a family for Artem.

I can't save them all.
I can't even really advocate or pray for them all individually--there are just so many.
But we can do a little bit.

Maybe you are actually in a position to adopt right now... and Artem is your son...

Probably you aren't. Or if you are, and you are reading this blog, you are already in process.

But maybe, just maybe, someone will stumble across this post and realize sweet Artem is their son.

And I believe God wants these little ones in families... which means He can and will call Artem's parents to adoption. Even though he's an additional child. Even though he lives in a country where having Down Syndrome means life in an institution. Even though adopting Artem will cost over $30,000 and his medical history isn't available... God is bigger than all of that. This boy was born 3 years ago to be a son, and God chose him for a family who did not see what a gift they'd been given. But He's not giving up yet. Somewhere out there are a mommy and daddy who are called to bring Artem home.

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