Friday, September 2, 2011

tugging at your heart

Josie just found a family! She is one year old and has Down Syndrome.

This is Jack. He is almost two and does not have a family yet.

If that doesn't tug at your heart, you may want to make sure you still have one...

Josie and Jack are both precious children of God. Both are equally valuable in His sight. He loves them. I believe that He will call a family for every child who needs one. But he might just call one. And they might not answer. If you look at that little boy and know he's special, that he is meant to be your son, don't click away and assume someone else will go for him. Maybe God is calling you. Maybe you are Jack's only chance. Adoptive families are old and young, have no kids or many kids or anywhere in between. No family is perfect but maybe your family is perfect for him... and it's better than no family.

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